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Welcome to TORSHOCK Entertainment

We develop games with maximum dedication and love. We put a part of ourselves into every project.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, whether you’re already working alongside us or you’re a member of our online community — we’re always happy to hear from you.

Our values

Success and recognition come first

Everything we do at TORSHOCK Entertainment we do to make players’ eyes light up at the sight of our games and to make our products successful around the world. The main task of every member of our team — from screenwriters to animation artists, designers to programmers — is to make our games as bright and as entertaining as possible, for the widest possible audience.

Quality is one of our top priorities

«Perfection down to the last detail» is the guiding principle of our work.

We are constantly refining our skills, approaching every task with total dedication and commitment.

We reflect on what we do and pay careful attention to every detail. We are grateful, and glad, when we receive impartial reviews, and we rely on them to help us optimise the quality of our products.

We know that in the end, players will remember not the fact that the game was released a little later than planned, but that it was a great game.

Honesty and openness

Our team members are the face of our company, and more. How each member of TORSHOCK Entertainment behaves within our collective, on forums and in person forms part of the image of our company. Whenever we interact with players, colleagues and business partners, we act with the utmost honesty and professional integrity.

Hard work and respect

All our achievements are thanks to — and only to — devotion to our work and the fact that at TORSHOCK Entertainment, every voice counts. We value the opinions of every player and every team member. We insist that all of our team members listen to others, express their opinion, respect others’ point of view and view criticism as a tool for achieving a great result. 

Taking responsibility for our decisions

Our products have the power to influence not only our own team, but also players around the globe. We aim to take creative decisions that are ethically sound, and place the interests of our players on a pedestal so that we never lose sight of them. We always try to set an example of impeccable quality and professionalism.

Training and professional development

We never cease to develop and keep up with the times. Technology is becoming more sophisticated all the time, and approaches to game development and design concepts are changing. From the moment that TORSHOCK Entertainment was founded, we have been developing our skills continuously, learning from prior experience and from the best practices of our peers. This is the responsibility of both individual members of our team and the company as a whole: team members wishing to gain necessary knowledge and experience can count on the unconditional support and assistance of their colleagues and management team.

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